You Have Questions?

How many students actually need PowerPaks?

This is a difficult figure to say with 100% certainty.  Children and families are hesitant to admit to inadequate access to quality or quantity of food.  What we do know is that near 70% of West Noble students qualify for free or reduced lunch.  Based on formulas used by other schools who do similar programs we can estimate that approximately 325 students in grades K-4 at West Noble suffer from moderate to severe food insecurity.

Who will be receiving PowerPaks?

Students in grades K-4 at West Noble and siblings in 5th grade.

What is in a PowerPak?

PowerPaks contain non-perishable, nutritionally balanced food items that provide students with meal and snack options throughout the weekend.  Generally 2 breakfast items, 2 fruit servings, 2 carbohydrates and 1 protein serving will be included in each bag.  Food will be packed in a plastic grocery sack that can be easily carried home in a school bag.

What is the cost of a PowerPak?

PowerPaks cost approximately $2.50 for each bag.  Some weeks may be slightly less and some weeks slightly more based on the selection of food items for that week.

Who directs Charger PowerPaks?

Charger PowerPaks is a service of New Community Initiatives and thus directly answers to that board.  Community volunteers represent Charger PowerPaks to NCI.

Aren’t there enough food programs for low income families already?

Yes and no.  There are food stamps, free and reduced lunch and breakfast programs, food pantries and community dinners and all of these things help ensure that families do not go hungry.  But each of these programs have limits and ultimately are only available if adult caregivers are able to apply and follow through with requirements and regulations of each program.  Things like lack of transportation, sudden financial loss or limited adult supervision can quickly reduce the availability of these programs in a child’s life.  Charger PowerPaks are one more stop-gap now available to children that suffer from food insecurity.

How can I help with the PowerPak project?

Refer to this page or download this form.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes.  New Community Initiatives is a registered not-for-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

If you have any more questions, please e-mail us at


2 thoughts on “You Have Questions?

  1. I just made a $75 donation to Charger Power Paks—-there were two representatives at my church this morning explaining this worthy cause during the service this morning—was told that when you donate the $75 you can get a t shirt showing your support—how do I get mine?


    • You will soon be receiving a thank you card with an email to send your desired size to. Orders for shirts will be made in January and distributed soon after. Thank you!


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